Bucova, a romanian village on the Bistra river...
Only for bikers!

Read here about a new challenge addressed to cyclists
all over the world!

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The leisure house "Irina" would like-by its promotional
prices for accomodation-to encourage all those who venture to make the tour of Romania by bike.


If you have pumped your tyres, go for it!

And here is our offer: all those who get to Bucova by bike
can benefit from lodging at only half the price.

For details write to one of our addresses in the Contact page.


Contact us

This is not for the first time when we are doing this... In 1999 too, the leisure house "Irina" was one of the official sponsors of the cyclist expedition "ROMANIA ON YOUR BIKE"...


Three bikes.

Over 2000km covered...

Timisoara-Mangalia and back!

The photographs on this page were taken in 1999 along the route followed by "Romania on your bike" expedition.