Bucova, a romanian village on the Bistra river...
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Recreation in a romanian village


By foot or by bike, carrying a rucksack or driving a car, going fishing or swimming, flying paraglide, alone or accompanied by a guide, here is the place where you can never get bored...


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Try you own feet on a byke!

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On the byke.

If you have never ridden a cart, you will be able to do it right here!


Climb the mountains! The high tops with their plate stones and the mountain lakes from the glacial coppersmiths are waiting for you.


The Iezer lake.

At 12 km from Bucova, Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana
Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana

Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana was the capital from the roman province Dacia Felix.

Flying paraglide.

Clopotiva. 15 km from Bucova. Here is the place for flying paradigle. Click here for more pictures!

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You can visit the sheepfolds of the Bucova people to see how cheese is made. Did you know that the best meals are cooked at the sheepfolds? And you can eat to your heart's content with the shepherds.

Meal by the sheepfold.




Spend some time around a camp fire...

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Visit the abandoned railway - a technique rarity: the sprocket railway

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By car or by bike you can reach the Castle of Hunedoara

The Cincis Lake, near Hunedoara.

Aquatic sports? The Cincis Lake is the right place for this!


At 27 km from Bucova, you will find the ruines who inspired Jules verne to write "Le Château des Carpathes" For more pictures, click here!


Climb in the Retezat Mountains... One half hour by car and you are at Gura Zlata, one of the entries in the Retezat Mountains.

Riding a bike you can get to the old marble quarry, to Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana, to the stone church in Densus, to the Gura Apei dam in the Retezat Mountains or to Poiana Marului. Many other roads and paths are waiting for you. It's your choice!