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Bucova, a romanian village on the Bistra river...
How to get to Bucova?

Bucova is situated on the National Road DN 68, between Caransebes and Hateg, in the Caras-Severin county.

If you don't have a car, daily buses from Timisoara to Tirgu Jiu (and back) will help you to get to Bucova but also to leave it.

There are 142 km from Timisoara to Bucova and 42 from Caransebes.

Daily trains take you from Caransebes to Boutari, at 7 km from Bucova. From there you can walk or you can hitch hike (in case you don't find any local bus).

Maps of Bucova

You can find the trains' time table using the following link: www.cfr.ro


Have a good trip!

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